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5 Winter Car Care Tips You Can Use Immediately

Posted: 26th October 2017
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The winter months are starting to arrive so its time to take the plunge and start preparing your car’s for what lies ahead. Failing to care for your vehicle in cold conditions can see a rise in avoidable repairs and breakdowns.

It’s easy to take what you have for granted. Every time you use your car, it starts without fail, gets you where you need to go and never causes you any trouble.

However, during winter that could all change and it’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t ruin your festive season.

Checking your oil levels on a regular basis:

OK so its an old piece of advice, but its something that you should never throw to one side because it really does make a difference to your cars performance in colder conditions.

Without the correct level of oil in the car, the components in the engine will not have the correct amount of lubrication, which will then lead to inevitable overheating and a breakdown (potentially roadside).

Make sure you check your oil level regularly and top it up accordingly when needed. If you’re not sure which oil you need, contact your manufacturer dealership or you can check online with a number of automotive part suppliers.

Book an Audi service in Milton Keynes to ensure your vehicles fluids are correctly maintained ready for winter.

Check and top up your washer fluid:

During wintery and cold conditions, car windscreens become vulnerable to dirt and grime, reducing the visibility significantly so that you end up peering through any gap you can find to keep your eye on the road.

Salty spray from other vehicles sticks to your screen and the only way to clear it is with a reliable screen wash solution. You need to make sure that the washer jets are clear and the reservoir is topped up so you can use it as and when you need to.

You’ll want to use a washer fluid that is mixed with an anti-freezing solution. Not only will this help defrost your windscreen in the mornings, but it will also help to stop the fluid from freezing in the reservoir.

Keep the interior of your car clean:

A lot of families enjoy travelling in festive and wintery periods. Cars can get messy at the best of times, but during winter that can become even worse unless you make the effort to keep it clear.

During winter, vehicles have to deal with the general hustle and bustle of everyday use but also with the addition of muddy shoes and wellington boots, extra clothes and even a full on Christmas tree as December approaches.

Make time to clean the inner door seals, glass and dashboard. It will make travelling in groups far more comfortable and completely remove any eyesores.

Clean the exterior and maintain it:

If you think the interior can get messy then the exterior of your car is going to take a battering during the winter spells and even more so if there’s snow and ice.

Cleaning the exterior bodywork of your car regularly will prevent grime, grit and general roadside debris from building up on the panels. Over time, if its left dirty the paintwork could get damaged and start to peel away.

The salty spray that sticks to the metal paintwork can also cause it to rust and corrode – even more reason to maintain it before you need a car body repair.

Pack an emergency roadside kit:

We all know that as the cold weather comes, the chances of roadside breakdowns increase. During festive periods, traffic can increase a lot, making it very difficult to roadside recovery vehicles to get to you in the allocated time.

As a result, you should prepare for the worse case scenario and pack an emergency kit for you to leave in your car. The pack should be designed to provide you with the bare minimum that you would need until you’re able to get back on your way.

Include the following in your emergency pack:

  • A warm blanket
  • Large bottle of water or enough for a family
  • A basic selection of food rations
  • First aid kit
  • Something to help you pass the time (Book or a Tablet)

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