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Mystery Woman Causes £17k Car Damages

Posted: 8th June 2016
Type: Motoring News

There was a mystery woman caught on CCTV in South Wales completing what seemed to be a car scratching rampage. This article discusses the bizarre story and what you can do should you discover a scratch on your vehicle. Investigators have confirmed that the mystery woman caused £17k worth of car damages.

Rampage Time!

Unfortunately, some people just cannot help themselves. There was a young woman, who reports say is in her 20’s who completely destroyed up to 33 domestic vehicles. Her reason? Nobody knows. There was CCTV footage that caught the vandal running through a domestic street in South Wales scratching a number of cars.

Now as a car owner myself I cannot express my frustration! Car scratch repairs in Milton Keynes do not occur too often fortunately. However, if they should, Prestige Car Body Repairs provide a number of professional car repair services to assist you.

One of the victims was a local bus driver who woke one morning, presumably getting ready to go to work and discovered an almighty scratch along the side of her Citroen. She has since spoken to the local press and had her vehicle repaired with costs rising up to £400 in repairs. Those must have been some pretty serious scratches!

The local driver had this to say.

“The damage to my car is about £400 but some of the cars in the street were worse.”

“It’s absolutely senseless what this woman did and we can only hope that the police catch her with the help of my CCTV images.”

What to Do?

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this situation, but if you should, follow these simple steps and you will get your car back to normal in no time.

Consult a local expert. There are many car body repair shops in Milton Keynes that will be able to help you. You want to find one that has a specialist in vandalism repairs.

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