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Mercedes-Benz at Prestige Car Body Repairs


If your Mercedes-Benz has been damaged in an accident then your insurer will most likely want to choose the repairer. For your piece of mind make sure that they are of the standard set by Prestige Car Body Repairs.

Many of today’s models are comprised of aluminium or high tensile steel structural parts, which means your vehicle needs the expertise of specialists trained in handling, repairing and replacing those innovative materials.

Because some of the advanced high strength steel, for example, obtain their properties during rapid cooling in the production process, they can’t be heated and straightened in the local garage.

In order to achieve manufacturer approvals we are required to have the most up to date car body repair equipment. Prestige Car Body Repairs boast a spray booth, jig, inverter spot welder, VAS6150 diagnostic machine, headlamp aligner, wheel balancer, estimating systems, infra red paint drying and most importantly for you we only use manufacturer approved parts, paint and materials. We repair your vehicle to manufacturer standards which are much higher than those of most insurance companies.

Often it is the case that even your insurer does not fully understand the implications of using a lesser-qualified repairer. In fact, it is potentially dangerous to assume that any accident repair centre can repair your vehicle.

At Prestige Car Body Repairs we guarantee that only quality parts are used in our Mercedes-Benz approved bodyshop and that repairs are carried out to the highest standards.

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