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  • How To Remove Car Scratches

How To Remove Car Scratches

Posted: 21st April 2016
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As a local business, we are always taking calls from frustrated road users who have come to find a careless scratch on their car. They always contact us through our website asking “how to remove car scratches”. In this brief guide, we are going to show you and provide advice on exactly what you can do.

Learn How To Remove Car Scratches

This process is best if you have a clear-coat scratch.

First things first. Using a high quality cleaner, you are going to have to clean the scratched area. This is to help prevent any hidden dirt or grit getting caught in your refurbishment. If you simply just try to paint over a dirty scratch, you could further damage your car.

During the cleaning, you could mask any nearby trim. We would definitely advise this if you are working on chrome plastic. Once the car scratch area is clean and free from dirt, begin to polish, buff and dry. It’s best to use a clean cloth for this.

Now don’t get too excited, it’s best to take it slow when doing this, going too quickly can damage the car material.

Learn How to Repair Car Body Scratches

Moving on! Now we will go through the best way to remove a base coat scratch. Our car body repair Leighton Buzzard handle this type of work near enough every day.

Once again, you are going to have to clean the area, Make sure that there is no oil or wax covering the repair area. Once you have cleaned it, you will need to apply a primer or similar colour to the car scratch. Unfortunately, you are going to have to paint overlapping the scratched area. Have no fear! Take your time and try to minimise any overlap.

So let’s recap, you’ve cleaned and primed the damaged area? Check! Now you will need to leave this overnight at the very least. Once it has had chance to cure, using a rubber block as a backing, you need to wet sand with a 600 or 1000 grit wet or dry sandpaper. Gently brush across the scratch and ensure that the standing surface of the paint is gone. Now you have sanded the area down, use a compound to chase the paint back into the scratched area.

Prepare your paint. Apply gently in small doses and apply a final compounding. Once completed successfully, this should complete your car body repair.

Make sure you don’t apply any car body waxes for at least 4 weeks.

If you need to find yourself some high quality car paints. Multiple car aerosol paints are a very good option.

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