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How to Estimate Car Body Repair

Posted: 6th September 2016
Type: General

Damaging your car to the point of repair is frustrating enough, especially when it was not necessarily your fault. However, finding out that you going to have to pay a small fortune to get your car body repaired can be even more disastrous. This brief guide will show you how you can carry out your very own car body repair estimate.


There are many considerations to make, these include; the chosen garages price list, hourly charges, part prices, travel and the amount of damage on your vehicle. The best thing to do is to call say six local car body repairs in Milton Keynes or your chosen area and get an understanding of their most up to date hourly charges or set price repairs. Now when you calculate how long your repair will take, you will be able to come up with an accurate figure for the costs.

Now that you have your chosen garages, ask yourself a couple of simple questions. Do they offer free estimates? If so, why not take advantage? It’s not going to cost you any money and they will honour the price they offer you for the repair.

Another question worth asking is, how far from your home is the repair shop? Why travel long distances if you are able to use local mechanics that will save you fuel?

Now that you know what each garages hourly rate is, you can begin your research. You should look into how the repairs will be carried out, ask friends that work in the industry and read articles from reliable sources online. Another good way to look into how certain car body repairs are completed is through video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Once your research is completed, you can calculate the time needed with the hourly rate and hey presto! You have your estimate. Of course, you will get a far more accurate estimated cost if you take your vehicle to a car body shop, where someone that knows what they are doing will be able to take a look at the damages.

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  • Just a short E-mail to say thank you for a first class job in repairing the panels in Stevenage. We will definitely be calling on your services again in the future.

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