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Car Crashes Increase

Posted: 27th July 2016
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If I said to you that none of our employees played Pokémon back in the 90’s, then I would be lying. However, since the re-launch of the popular game, there has been a significant increase in personal and car related accidents. This week we discuss what is causing the car crashes increase. Although we have a pretty good idea.

Lack of Concentration

You would like to think that anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motorised vehicle, whether that be car, van or motorcycle, that they would decide to switch their brains on and actually concentrate on the driving. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and because of it, there has been a significant increase in car crashes already.

Granted, driving in new areas that you are not familiar with is naturally more daunting and slightly trickier, even for the most confident of drivers. When you drive in new towns or large cities, you should be concentrating even more! What additional reasons could you possibly need to concentrate when you are driving in an area that isn’t very familiar.

Please, please, please; make sure that you keep your whits about you whenever you get behind the wheel of a car. It will prevent accidents, car body repairs and personal injuries.

Pokémon GO

Now since the launch of the 90’s classic, kids and middle-aged adults have taken it upon themselves to become the very best local Pokémon trainer possible. Remarkably, some adults have even taken to quitting their full time jobs to play the game! Ridiculous!

However, back on point – just over 2 weeks ago there was a case where a young male crashed his car whilst trying to locate Pokémon in his area. The car itself was completely written off and was beyond repair. Looking at the images, he was lucky to come out completely unscathed.

Specifically in Milton Keynes, teenagers have been walking out of work to catch their favourite characters. Please, if you really have to risk losing your job over a silly App, don’t use your car. It will only result in a car body repair Milton Keynes and you could end up badly injured.

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