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5 Colour Bodywork Paints Used During Halloween

Posted: 4th October 2017
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Remarkably, some car owners enjoy transforming their cars for each season during the year. For example, some prefer to turn their cars red and green for Christmas and others prefer Halloween themed effects and colours to help run alongside events that they may be attending.

Useful colour spray paints to know

We’re going to look at a few of the most popular RAL spray paints that are purchased to make subtle differences to small automotive components both internally and externally on the vehicle.


RAL is one of the leading forms of spray paint cans in the UK and comes with a wide selection of colours. The RAL-2008 can is a hugely popular colour during the Halloween season as it represents a distinctive popular Halloween colour with the bright orange.

This colour is perfect for use when decorating small internal parts.


The 4011 formula is very popular for both internal and external usage. Many motorists use it to colour small parts of external components on the wheel arches.

It’s used frequently for decorative use and not a long term solution for any automotive scratches or repairs.


This RAL product comes as a perfect solution for minor colour changes on vehicles. It’s suited to those that enjoy decorative parts of their vehicles specifically for the holiday season.

Many car owners use the pale green as an opportunity to provide fancy dress to their cars – crazy!


The RAL-7001 mixture is an incredibly universal colour that can be used for a number of different reasons. Although the RAL mixtures are not an automotive paint – they are very effective for small changes to component colours.

The RAL-7001 is a light shade of Grey and works perfectly for Halloween.


The 1028 mixtures are also very popular during Halloween because of the distinctive orange colour despite not being as harsh as the RAL-2008 mixture. Its frequently used to colour extremely small components and create a “spooky” feel in the vehicle.

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