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A Few Simple Reasons Why You Should Be a Driving Instructor

Posted: 24th February 2017
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Did you know that driving figures show that there are approximately, 25.8 million registered vehicles on the roads in the UK? Now that incredible figure will only continue to rise as more and more people start to learn to drive. So with more people wanting to learn to drive, the more driving instructors we will need!

For example, did you know that every month there are approximately 1000 Google searches every month for the term, driving lessons in London? For arguments sake, let’s say, as a registered driving instructor you charge £25 per hour for driving lessons in London. If you taught just half of that figure, you would be pocketing a whopping £12,500 before tax deductions.

So as well as the potential increase in salary we take a look at why you should be a driving instructor and I will talk you through the various benefits that come with that great title.

So Why Be a Driving Instructor?

There are many reasons for sudden career changes and driving instructor training. However, the majority tend to be due to the following reasons and benefits:

• Self-Employment
• More Control
• Flexible Working Hours

#1 Self-Employment

From experience, many driving instructors took the plunge to change their careers because they had always dreamt of becoming their own boss. Many professionals that have developed successful careers in stressful working environments have decided that enough was enough and that they wanted to become self-employed.

Becoming a driving instructor is one of the easiest ways to become self-employed. There are many driving school franchise opportunities to help you get started too, so finding the work will not be too difficult as you start out.

#2 More Control

As we mentioned in the first point, many driving instructors come from successful stressful working environments. Now in 9/10 positions, they will have been part of a team and have a head guy or girl dishing out the roles and responsibilities.

If you enjoy being in control of your own working patterns and ability, becoming a self-employed driving instructor that provides driving lessons in Clacton is perfect.

Of course, as an instructor you need to be aware of potential incidents. Any experienced driving instructor will quickly tell you that the chances of your little learner car gaining a body scratch or dent are quite high. It’s worth knowing a good car body repair specialist just in case.

#3 Flexible Working Hours

Just like many business owners, becoming a self-employed driving instructor allows you to choose your own working hours, becoming a hell of a lot more flexible.

If you fancy taking a week or two off for a holiday, you can do. Of course, leave your car in the hands of someone you trust to prevent car damages on your return.

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