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5 Maintenance Mistakes

Posted: 26th May 2016
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Ongoing and regular car maintenance is inevitable and it is certainly something that we should allocate a lot more time to. This week’s article covers 5 maintenance mistakes that every residential motorist is guilty of committing. Committing these rookie mistakes can result in regular repairs, costing you money! You may even need a car body repair service!

Easy to Avoid Car Maintenance Mistakes

Now when we say that we are covering 5 mistakes that are easily avoidable, we really mean it. Year after year and month after month we are always asked why certain errors arise and what people can do to avoid them. So without further ado.

1. Stop Overfilling Your Screen Wash

A mistake that everyone is guilty of committing. In fairness, on older vehicles the filler line can be difficult to identify. However, on newer vehicles there’s no excuses. Most of the time over filling the reservoir isn’t going to cause too many issues, but be warned. If your engine is hot and you have overfilled the chamber, any spillages could cause steam to produce and reduce your visibility.

The best thing to do is to check your vehicle hand book if you are unsure of where the screen wash refill cap is. So many time, motorists have mistaken it for something else and ended up filling it with oil! A whole new maintenance nightmare!

2. Know What To Do With A Spare

Busting a tyre is a nightmare for anyone, let alone someone who isn’t that familiar with cars.

Something that I have done in the past is simply change a fully functioning tyre for my spare just to get familiar with the process should anything happen. Unfortunately, there has been cases of spare tyres being fitted incorrectly, causing a lot of danger to other road users, let alone themselves.

When you change your tyre for the spare, be sure to tighten the wheel nuts securely. Failing to do so could result in a loose tyre and could result in a nasty accident.

3. Wash The Car Correctly

You will be surprised at how many people use an abrasive sponge or cloth to clean their cars. I know, what a nightmare! Using such products to clean your cars bodywork will badly damage it. However, if you do by accident – be sure to get yourself a car body repair Milton Keynes.

The best thing to do is go to your local car maintenance store and purchase some proper washing equipment. Clothes, sponges, wax, and shampoos – it’s all there!

4. Windscreen Wipers

This isn’t something that is completed that often in all honesty. Although, it’s probably worth keeping an eye on the performance of your wipers during bad weather. Under performing wipers can reduce visibility on the road, putting yourself and other road users at risk.

When you do get round to changing the blades, it’s not as easy as you might think. You will need a specific blade for your car. Check your vehicle handbook if you are unsure – alternatively you can go down to a local car maintenance store and the clerks will be able to help. Halfords are able to match the exact blade for you when you supply the car registration.

5. Window Cleaning

You would be forgiven if you thought a basic domestic window or glass cleaning fluid could be used to clear your rear windscreen. Unfortunately, by doing this, it can have a negative impact on the performance of the demisting features available on most modern vehicles.

Traditional glass and window cleaners have a certain chemical that can eat away at the metal strips on your rear windscreen. Once these strips have eroded you will lose the ability to demist your rear screen in the colder months.

If you absolutely must clean the rear screen with a cleaner – head down to a local automotive maintenance store and use an approved solution that is safe to use of car windscreens.


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s article. We have discussed how you can avoid common car maintenance mistakes and save yourself money when it comes down to screen wash replenishment, windscreen glass, wiper blades, spare tyres and car cleanliness.

Remember, failing to use proper car cleaning cloths could result in eye watering paintwork damages that could leave you needing a full car paintwork repair.

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