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3 Collision Repair Services to Consider

Posted: 4th October 2016
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Stuck in traffic, waiting at a red light when an inpatient driver a couple of cars behind you decides that they can fit their car through one of the smallest gaps available. Before you know it, you have had your alloys, bumper, paintwork and mirrors scratched, dented and badly damaged. What do you do?

If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation or something similar, consider these 3 collision repair services. They just might be able to save you a small fortune in repairs.

In 2016 alone, there are more registered cars on the road in the UK than ever before. Unfortunately, car accidents happen. Some are avoidable and some simply cannot be helped. Finding a car body repair specialist that you trust can certainly make the repair process a little easier, despite having to part with repair costs. Daniel Sarkz from the Milton Keynes car body repair garage has offered some advice for the unfortunate road users.

Dent Repairs and Restoration

These are designed to restore the damaged body panels on the car. However, it is difficult to guarantee a perfect restoration. It is worth noting that simply because a garage has said that they will complete a dent removal for you, it doesn’t mean that your car will be looking as it did when it was first driven from the garage it once came from. Body shops will use a technique known as panel beating to iron out the original dents. Once this has been completed the technicians will then look to restore as much of the paintwork as possible.

Scratch Repairs

For any good body repair technician, this is a pretty straightforward repair and the results can be fantastic as long as the work has been done correctly. Some scratch removals can be completed with a simple repair pen. However, some scratches will require a full removal repair.

Windscreen Solutions

Hopefully you will not need this repair too often, as they are usually associated with more serious accidents. Windscreens, despite being made up of a structured glass tend to smash but not shatter. There is still a possibility that glass fragments will cause additional damages so will more than likely require a windscreen replacement.

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  • I had a large dent on my car so took it to Prestige Car Body Repairs and they done a superb job of repairing and painting. I cannot fault there work, I am going back to them to have more work done I will also recommend these guys to all the car groups I belong to again top work and thanks.

  • Just a short E-mail to say thank you for a first class job in repairing the panels in Stevenage. We will definitely be calling on your services again in the future.

  • Just want to say thank you for doing a great job and the efficient service that we’ve received from yourselves, the colour looks fantastic and we’re very pleased with the workmanship.